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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Skincare and Shower Products

Hey guys, for this blog post I decided to show you the shower and skincare products that I've been using and I will be giving opinions to some of the products below.
Before I start explaining, I will first state all the products down below:
*Shower Products*:
Alberto Balsam shampoo- Pomegranate/ Raspberry
Alberto Balsam conditioner- Pomegranate/ Raspberry
Beauticology body butter- gingerbread
Bath and Body works body butter- White Citrus
Beauticology shower creme- hot chocolate
Beauticology body wash- gingerbread

*Skincare Products*:
Garnier Pure Active Anti-imperfection cleansing gel
Skin clear Daily Face Scrub
Tea tree Peel-off Face Mask
Tea tree Exfoliating Face scrub
Skin clear One-Touch spot stick
Garnier Pure Active 2in1 Purifying Cleansing Wipes
Nivea Pure and Natural facial cleansing wipes
Simple Kind to Skin Hydrating Light Moisturiser
eos lipbalm- Pomegranate
Johnson's 24hr Moisture Hand Cream

I have done a video explaining all the of the products above. CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO

 Garnier Pure Active Anti-imperfection cleansing gel- £2.95 from 

Skin Clear Daily Face Scrub- £3.49 from Boots

Garnier Pure Active Anti-imperfection cleansing gel:
This cleanser makes my face feel fresh and clean, it is great at taking makeup off. My skin is a combination of oily and dry skin and I feel it is great at controlling it once massaging it onto your skin. I have also heard that it is good for acne prone skin as it keeps the redness and acne a lot calmer. It doesn't dry out my skin and it hasn't become more oily from the cleanser "stripping it". I think its a good cleanser for its price.

Skin Clear Daily Face Scrub:
The Boots Skin Clear Deep Clean Daily Face Wash works to unclog pores, reduce excess oils and is gentle enough for everyday use. The texture once putting it onto your skin is very subtle and has a creamy like base. (Sorry I couldn't show you a picture of the liquid inside). But anyways I feel once putting it onto your skin, it is very smooth and has tiny blue bits which works as it exfoliates your skin and helps to unclog pores. In my opinion I think this is a good product to use in a everyday basis as this keeps your skin all fresh and you feel more awake in the mornings! :))

Beauticology Body Butter- gingerbread 
Beauticology Body wash- gingerbread
*They both came in a set with other two products which are shower creme- hot chocolate and it came with another body butter which was marshmallow. * The set was £6.50
Click here to preview the set
Beauticology Body butter- gingerbread:
 This body butter is really smooth on your skin and the scent lasts upto 2-3 days on your skin. The texture is light and is not as thick as other body butters which I think is a good thing as almost instantly it will melt into your skin. However, if you prefer a thicker texture I would highly recommend the Bath and Body works body butter- White Citrus, as personally I think thicker body butters allows the scent to last longer on your skin than light ones, but as I have stated before, light body butters instantly melts into your skin which is good. In my opinion, I don't really mind which type of body butters I use in terms of light or thick as it really depends on how you apply it on to your skin.

 Beauticology shower creme- gingerbread:
This shower creme is absolutely amazing. The texture is fine and runny, as well as having a hint of glitter in the liquid. I feel once putting it onto your body it has an instant aroma that rushes through your nose which smells soo nice. 

Alberto Balsam shampoo and conditioner- Pomegranate
-£1.20 from Sainsbury's

 The pomegranate shampoo and conditioner is packed full of anti-oxidants and is great for your hair. I feel that they deeply cleanse and strengthens your hair and they also leave them smelling superfruity! It uses the same ingredients you'll find in higher priced brands, but at a great price which means you can afford to look glamorous every day! Hair smells as good as it feels! I really recommend you to try this out, because not only it is cheaper but instead of using up a lot of money on high brand shampoo and conditioners, these 'alberto balsam' ones works the same way which I think is really good for the price! :))

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